Ford and Corker Square Off for the Final Time

The two frontrunners in the U.S. Senate Race from Tennessee squared off for the final time on Saturday night.

One of the key issues brought up was the negative campaign ads.

"This week got off to a negative start," said Harold Ford Junior.

More like a turn into the gutter.

One Corker ad says, "He campaigns in a church, but took cash from California's top X-rated porn moguls."

Meanwhile ads against Corker, criticize him for the alleged failures of the 911 service in Chattanooga while he was mayor.

Tonight, though, both men vow to lay out their visions. That stuck until about twenty minutes into the debate.

"You're the only candidate running for the United States Senate, anywhere in the country, who's ever hired an illegal immigrant before," said Ford.

"I have never ever in my life employed an illegal immigrant. My opponent takes liberty with words," said Corker.

Later, they go at it as to which of them really supports a state income tax or has ever lowered taxes.

But when taking voters questions they tended to stay on point.

"I never felt like we had enough men on the ground in the first place," said Corker.

"Our plan is to decentralize Iraq into three semi-autonomous regions. Sunni, Shia, Kurd. Give a central government the authority over the borders, and give them the authority to divide the oil revenue up in an equitable way," said Ford.

"If we can't cause a country to come together in one, I know we can't do it dividing it up in three," said Corker.

On fighting worldwide terrorism and the nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea.

"Some of the more moderate countries in the Middle East need to play a bigger role," said Corker.

"If we believe we can follow the same course and have better results, we're kidding ourselve, and more importantly sentencing our kids to another generation, a new generation of warfare," said Ford.

What specific proposals do you support that would strengthen social security?

"Social Security should go first to those who need it the most," said Ford.

Mr. Ford favors setting up accounts at birth, anybody could contribute. $1,000 could be used for college tuition, home down payment, or tax free at sixty.

Mr. Corker would let you invest some of your social security privately but only after making sure it is structurally sound.

The Mason Dixon poll shows Mr. Corker has reversed Mister Ford's lead but not beyond the margin of error.

With nine days left they say.

"If you like what has gone on in Washington over the last six years, you don't want to vote for me," said Ford.

"This is not a referendum, this is a choice, a choice between two individuals two indiviudals who could not have lead a different life, nor have had different life experiences," said Corker.