Trial Date Set for Alleged School Shooter

Jacksboro, Campbell County (WVLT) - A year and one day after a deadly shooting at Campbell County High School, the suspect, 15-year-old Kenny Bartley Junior finally has a trial date.

But it's only a tentative one.

As with many high profile cases there have been plenty of delays.

Attorneys for Kenny Bartley Junior are asking for a key decision from a Juvenile Court Judge, a part of the process they originally waived.

"It's a compelling case to be heard in criminal court and should be heard in April," says prosecutor Paul Phillips.

Kenny Bartley Junior's been in jail for a year now, charged one year ago Thursday with shooting three school principals at Campbell County High School, killing one of them.

"We're a strong family and we're gonna continue to march forward," says Jo Bruce, widow of slain assistant principal, Ken Bruce.

And while the family of Ken Bruce tries to heal, Bartley Junior's family sits patiently while their son awaits his fate. But they'll have to wait at least until next April. He was 14 when the crime happened, that means, Bartley's entitled to have a juvenile court judge decide whether or not he's tried as an adult.

"Having a little experience with my job and the court system, I understand the process," says Jo Bruce.

The defense waived that hearing once, but now, they want to go through that process.

"To make sure he's received everything he's entitled to," explains Phillips. "We're willing for him to have any reasonable pre-trial hearing, but we want to have a trial in April."

Prosecutors say they're positive the court will send the case to adult court But if it doesn't, the sentence could be /very/ different.

"The only sanctions Juvenile Court can impose go up to the defendant's 19th birthday," Phillips says.

If the case stays in adult court, trial's set to begin April 10th.

"We understand that it might take time and we're willing to stand firm and to wait," Bruce says.

The prosecution is asking that Bartley Junior be given life in prison.

That will only happen if the case is moved to criminal court.

The defense chose not to comment at today's hearing.

Bartley has pleaded "not guilty" to the charges.