TVA Extends Comment Period on Shoreline Development Plan

Knoxville, Tenn. (AP) -- The Tennessee Valley Authority has reopened the public comment period for 30 days on its plan to stop selling protected shoreline along the Tennessee River system for private residential developments.

The federal agency said Friday it was responding to requests from local and federal elected officials and the Tennessee Association of county mayors.

Under the proposed guidelines, the sale of public land for residential, retail or other non-industrial or commercial use would be banned.

TVA has been working toward the land plan since May, when an expanded TVA Board of Directors took office. The directors immediately imposed a moratorium on new shoreline developments until the agency could craft a protocol for managing land along the Tennessee River.

A day-long public hearing in Knoxville in august produced dozens of speakers and generated about 900 public comments.

The month-long comment period that ended November 3rd has now been extended to November 28th.

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