Drivers Beware: New Traffic Flow in West Hills Area

Knoxville (WVLT) - Friday is the day many shoppers look forward to all year, and if you haven't been shopping in the West Hills Area, you may be caught off guard by some changes due to the re-building of interchanges in that area.

The main thing you will need to know is that when you get off of the West Hills Exit you will be at a different interchange than before.

Last year at this time, the mall would be right in front of you when you got off of the exit, now you will be just west of the mall.

TDOT officials say your trip to the west hills area should be a smoother one.

"The area around the mall will function better than it has functioned as long as anybody can remember," says Travis Brickey, TDOT spokesman.

Most of the construction is done, so what's left should not interfere with your shopping!

Take a closer look at the changes.