Shoppers Go Online for Cyber Monday Sales

Knoxville (WVLT) - Black Friday sent thousands of you to the mall this weekend, but those who want to dodge the long lines and crowds are at their computers looking for bargains online.

Monday is the unofficial start of the online holiday shopping season, more and more people are logging onto the online trend. You can see how easy it is to find a quick bargain. immediately shows you free shipping on all kinds of gifts, from TV's to toys, to jewelry, and clothes.

We caught up with some local online-gurus for more on online holiday bargains.

"Loads of electronics, cameras, cell phones, palm pilots, iPods," "I Sold it on Ebay" store owner Jackie Jacobs says small electronics are pretty popular this holiday season, but the biggie right now, "The PS3, of course, is the big item. People are waiting in line 30 hours, buying it and selling it on eBay and getting a couple thousand dollars for those."

Jacobs says you can find just about anything for that special someone this Christmas with the click of a mouse. "Sporting goods, musical instruments, tons of collectables."

And online retailers expect cyber sales to increase 20% this year.

"It's so convenient," says Jacobs. "No shopping malls, no traffic, no battling lines. You can sit at your home, at your leisure at your computer and just browse around, compare prices."

Jimmy Everett has been comparing prices online during the holidays for ten years now. "You get to look at the specific things you want cause they're gonna show you all their items, it seems more online, than they would at the store."

Everett says he takes the cyberspace route for the same reasons most everyone else does. "It's the crowds and looking for a better deal."

But the online veteran warns, you may not be getting a better deal if you don't pay attention to pricey shipping costs.

"Some places offer free shipping deals, so you may end up getting a better price after all," Everett says.

And with 27 shopping days till Christmas left, the sooner you order online, the better.

"When you get into that third week of December, you need to take into account that you're down to those last seven days, and unless you have express shipping, there is a chance it may not make it," says Jacobs.

If you want to do some gift-giving online this year, make sure you look closely at your personal security when you're checking out and giving out your credit card number, only shop from reputable sites with good ratings, and if anything looks suspicious, retailers suggest you stay away from it.