Freezing Temperatures Coming to East TN

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Many of you are likely asking how did it go from being in the 70s this Friday morning to the 30s Friday night. It's this type of winter weather that may leave you chilled to the bone and sick if you don't bundle up.
Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel joins us with a look at how to keep warm during this cold snap.

Both of us were outside for about an hour for the Santa Claus parade downtown, and I know my hands were numb in that short amount of time. When you're faced with cold weather, it's hard to determine how long is too long to stay outside. Doctors say it depends on a number of factors. Mothers say just use good judgment.

"I was hoping the nice weather would have stayed here, but I guess it didn't so I guess we just have to dress accordingly," mother Janice Hall said.

That means hats, gloves, scarves and coats.

"I can look and I can tell," mother Anne Williamson said.

Mom's just know, and when the season of red and green approaches, think red and blue.

"If their lips are getting blue, if the fingertips are getting a little blue, the nose getting red, red, red and the ear tips getting red, red, red," Williamson said.

And when their kids get cold, it's time to kick out the cold by laying on the layers.

"First we do a t-shirt and then another shirt and then we do a jacket and then, if need be, we'll do a coat," Williamson said.

These moms are getting their kids ready for a Christmas Parade. They're learning first hand that ringing in the Holiday season means bringing in those below-freezing temperatures, too.

"I try to keep them bundled up and make sure they're covered up and hopefully they'll stay well," Hall said.

While you're taking care of your kids, if you have elderly neighbors, you should help them out too, especially those who take medication that could cloud their judgment.

"They simply aren't able to know when they're at risk or have the ability to get themselves out of the cold," Dr. Charles Adams said.

Fort Sanders Regional Emergency Physician Dr. Charles Adams says when it comes to the cold, children and the elderly are alike.

"They need someone to be their advocate, to know they need to be watched or helped with weather's cold," Dr. Adams said.

So parents and neighbors remember: cold means cover up.

"Everything! Keeping everything warm especially the head and the ears," Hall said.

Dr. Adams says at Fort Sanders Regional, the more serious cold exposure and hypothermia cases they deal with are patients -- healthy adults -- who've simply had too much to drink and have either stayed outside too long or haven't dressed properly for low-temperatures.

With the Holiday season, comes Holiday parties and a lot of times alcohol is a factor. That can cloud your judgment.