KARM Brings Homeless In From Freezing Temperatures

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On the cold streets is Larry Serben. He says he can't go to Knox Area Rescue Ministries because he got in some trouble there. "I don't know what I'm gonna do, I have 2 coats, I'm cold right now, like I said, I'm freezing already, and I don't have no where to go."

But he's not the only one who knows how cold it can be. John Farsoun remembers what it's like to try and keep warm. "Climb into a car, cover up best you could, that was it...I didn't want to move much, I just wanted to try to stay warm and just do the best you can," says Farsoun.

But after 31 years of drinking he says he hit rock bottom and was lucky to find a place to stay. "I have a nice warm room for my son, and it's really nice, 3 meals a day, a good program, great people work here, volunteers are nice to everybody."

K.A.R.M. has extended their hours and because the shelter is usually full every night during the winter months, they have food and blankets in stock. "We'll put people on cots, we've put mattresses down in the floor, we've had them stacked up, just anything we have to do to get them out of the cold," says David Lay with Knox Area Rescue Ministries.

People like Robert Conyer say they don't know where they'd be without the shelter. "It'd be a real test of my strength, I'd been doing a lot more praying than I have been, I don't know if I could handle it to tell you the truth."