Travel Safely Over the Holidays

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Alcoa, Blount County (WVLT) - Whether you're going by plane, train or automobile, you can expect millions of other Americans to be joining you for holiday travels.

The last person to die in a car accident in Knoxville during the Christmas traffic enforcement period died in 2002.

This year, AAA estimates 18 million people in the southeast will take to the roads this weekend.

And they don't want any of you to be just another sad statistic.

"We've got a two-percent increase in travel this year compared to last year," says Don Lindsey from AAA.

That means stay alert, drive defensively, and slow down.

"We will be out in additional force everywhere," says Knoxville Chief Sterling Owen.

Knoxville Police will make sure you stay safe and keep others in mind, too.

"The unfamiliarity with some of our city streets create problems, particularly for those in from out of town," says Chief Owen.

While safety should be top priority, gas prices are certainly on your mind as well.

In Atlanta, you'll pay about $2.21. Cincinnati, $2.33. If you're staying in Tennessee, Nashville's prices are averaging $2.24 and if you're heading to the bowl game in Tampa, prices there are $2.28.

"We don't expect anything to change very seriously between now and the end of the years. That having been said, anything can happen," says Lindsey.

Also, keep road construction on your route in mind, while TDOT shuts down active construction zones.

"Watch for lane closure left that they can't open up," reminds Lindsey.

No matter how you travel, don't let the stress of the holidays effect your driving decisions.

"Be prepared to take evasive action, if someone pulls out, you don't need to blow your horn, beat them to the intersection. Instead, of you see them coming out and they don't see you, you're far better off to back off and let them get in front of you," Chief Owen says.

And if you're flying, double check to make sure your flight is on time. With all the trouble in Denver, that could ripple through the system.