Loudon County Official Wants To Move Meeting Place

A proposal made by the 9th Judicial District Attorney General in Loudon County, aims to better protect the grand jury from harm.
Currently, the group meets three times a year in a room connected to this courtroom.
But their meeting times fall on the same days.
The courtroom is already very busy, with prisoners coming in and out and several witnesses and attorneys around.
But DA Russell Johnson, wants to move the group's meeting place to another building, the courtroom in the annex building.
"It's safer because you have prisoners coming here from Morgan County Correctional, from Brushy Mountain or even from the jail and prison facilities. And you have situations with armed guards. We don't wanna have something happen like happened over in Roane County a couple years ago with the Cotton Morgan shooting."
Johnson says by meeting in the annex building, it exposes less people to potential harm.