Knoxville Woman's Family Killed in North Carolina Plane Crash

Knoxville (WVLT) - Investigators continue looking over the wreckage of a Cessna plane that crashed New Year's Eve in North Carolina, killing a family of four, with close ties to Knoxville.

Jim and Kay Chitty, along with their two sons, 22 year old Jay, and 13 year old Taylor, were traveling home to Shelby, North Carolina after a family reunion when the plane went down.

The only member of the immediate family not on the plane, was 25-year-old Haley Chitty, who lives and works in Knoxville.

Volunteer TV's Stacy McCloud spoke with the friends she was with when she got the news and the reaction they call "supernatural".

"She wept so deeply, so from the heart but the when we talked there was such hope and perspective, it was unexplainable"

The best way friend and collogue Hank Marshman can describe 25-year-old Haley Chitty's reaction to the un-thinkable news that her entire family had died, is that through tragedy, the young woman has become a living example of sincerity.

"Psalm 28:7 says the Lord is my strength, my heart trusts in him and I am helped. I would say that in the heart behind what is going on in Haley's life, she is living that verse out and we are seeing it," he says.

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Marshman says that's simply Haley's nature.

She doesn't just live a lifestyle of serving the Lord; she has chosen witnessing to others as a career.

Four years ago, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill graduate came to Knoxville to work for the University of Tennessees Campus Crusade for Christ.

"Everyday she is on campus talking about forgiveness and hope found and her relationship with God," Hank says.

Now, she's truly discovering that hope she speaks of, in her own life.

"This was her entire family, so you can imagine virtually every part of her stability was taken away from her," Marshman says.

But her security stands strong as she will find support through her family in Christ. Prayers Marshman believes she wouldn't want spoken only for her, but for community wide hope that her tragedy could be turned into testimony.

"Somehow people will be caused to evaluate their own life and say what if I had been on that plane," Marshman says.

Haley was with her family at that reunion but left the day before to go to a Campus Crusade for Christ conference.

Marshman says right now Haley plans on returning to Tennessee to live.