Michael's Restaurant and Bar Goes to Court

Knoxville (WVLT) - New developments in a story we've been following, Micheal's Restaurant and Bar has gone to court to fight suspension of its beer permit.

Exactly a week ago, the beer board suspended Michael's beer permit for two and a half weeks, after police cited
a server for selling beer to an 18-year-old girl.

The Beer Board's chairman cited what he called Michael's pattern of over-serving customers, and serving underage.

But late Friday afternoon, Michael's asked the Chancery Court to declare that the Beer Board and the city have violated constitutional due process by taking the beer permit without granting a hearing first.

Michael's also claims the board violated its rights, by suspending the permit longer than ten days.

Michael's had asked the judge to let it sell beer again, while it waits for its day in court.

Instead, the court's set a show cause hearing for next Friday, four days before Michael's would have had its first chance to appeal the case.

City attorneys are trying to revoke that beer permit permanently.