Trooper Suspected Drug Trafficking Before Fatal Shooting

Nashville (WVLT) - As fellow state troopers mourn the loss of one of their own, investigators believe two teens involved in the drug trade may be responsible.

Tonight, those two teens are being held in connection with the brutal death of a Tennessee Highway Patrolman.

Twenty-four-year-old state trooper, Calvin Jenks was shot twice, during a traffic stop Saturday night in Tipton County, and as law enforcement officers across the state mourn their loss authorities are now trying to figure out if the suspects were mules in a major drug ring operation.

"I have seen the video and I can tell you, it's just a senseless brutal murder of a trooper," TBI Director Mark Gwynn says.

The last seconds of Trooper Jenks life may help solve the mystery of his death. His murder is all caught on tape.

It started as a routine traffic stop, but as investigators know, no traffic stop is routine.

On the in-cruiser camera tape, investigators say it's clear Trooper Jenks suspects drugs.

He gets the driver out of the vehicle, but when he checks on the passenger, two shots are fired and Trooper Jenks never had a chance.

"They did a very cowardly act and as far as I'm concerned, they are the scum of the earth," says Tennessee Highway Patrol Colonel Mike Walker.

The two suspects are caught hours later in a hotel in Nashville.

Nineteen-year-old Orlando Garcia and 17-year-old Alejandro Guana are just teenagers, but police are now wondering if the two are part of a national drug trafficking organization that was routinely moving drugs into Middle Tennessee.

"We have found some drugs related to this investigation in a couple different locations. We believe there is a drug nexus here," TBI Director Gwynn says.

And Trooper Jenks's flashlight has been found in a trash can miles from the crime scene.

While authorities across the state try to piece all the evidence together, they're also trying to come to terms with the tragedy.

"It's very difficult, it's difficult for the family, he is family," Col. Walker says.

Garcia and Guana were both transported back to the West Tennessee after their capture.

Garcia is being held at the Tipton County Jail without bond, Guana is at a juvenile detention center in Memphis.

Both are expected to be charged with Trooper Jenks' murder in the coming days.