Man who shot, killed home invader identified; police ID slain teen suspect

Arsenio Wooten, 17
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Knoxville Police will leave it up to the District Attorney General to determine is charges will be filed in connection with a fatal home invasion early Wednesday morning.

Arsenio Wooten, 17, is dead.

Police say he was shot as he tried to enter a south Knoxville home.

The person living in the home, identified by friends as Richard Allen Naleway fired the shots.

Neighbors weren't surprised.

Many are suspicious of extra-curricular activities at Naleway's home.

Naleway, for his part, says he never expected something like this would happen to him.

"We figured it was going to happen sooner or later and it did.," says neighbor Glen Loveday

Loveday spent much of Wednesday morning watching police come and go at his neighbor's house on Carls Lane in South Knoxville.

He's not sure what happened, but he's suspicious.

"I'd say they're going to find guns and if they didn't get rid of their drugs they'll find drugs," says Loveday.

Around 5:30 am, the home became a crime scene.

KPD Spokesman Darrell DeBusk says the man who lived there, identified by neighbors as Richard Allen Naleway, grabbed a gun before he answered a knock at his door.

"As he was opening the door, two males tried to push their way in. He fired off at least two rounds. The suspects fired one round," says DeBusk.

Police went to a local hospital after getting a call a gunshot victim was on their way but they never arrived. Instead, 17 year old Arsenio Wooten of Knoxville was found on the property.

"As it began to get daylight this morning, that's when the body of one of the individuals was found lying in a gully along the driveway," says DeBusk.

The second suspect still hasn't been found.

Naleway, and his wife spent much of the day answering questions from police which crime scene technicians and investigators searched his home and processed evidence.

Loveday says there have been numerous parties at the home in the past and feels maybe this incident may actually help things on Carl's Lane.

"We can't have a nice neighborhood with all this mess going on and the policemen can't do anything about it," says Loveday.

Naleway rented the home from Knoxville City Councilman Steve Hall.

Hall says he's lived there for several years.

Meanwhile, police are continuing to search for the second suspect who they admit, may have also been shot.

But they have no word on his identity.

If you can help police at the KPD tipline at 215-7212.

Again, the da will determine if charges will be filed against Naleway or the other suspect if he's found.


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - A South Knoxville resident killed a 17-year-old boy and possibly wounded another suspect when he shot them during an early morning home invasion Wednesday, according to Knoxville Police.

Police say it happened just before 5:30 Wednesday morning at 814 Carls Lane.

The home is a rental property owned by Knoxville City Councilman Steve Hall. Hall confirms to Volunteer TV News that he rents the house to Richard A. Naleway. Knoxville Police have refused to say for sure whether Naleway was the person inside the home who fired the shots at the home invasion suspects, but Naleway told Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb that "It's been a long day. It's something I never thought would happen to me." He declined further comment.

The slain burglar has been identified as Arsenio Wooten of Knoxville.

Naleway told police that two black men knocked on his door and then attempted to force their way into the home once the door was opened.

Naleway then shot at the intruders. They fired back and then fled the scene.

Police were called back to the scene just before 7:00 by the resident. He told police that the body of one of the intruders was laying in his driveway. Wooten was pronounced dead on the scene.

Police are also searching for the second male suspect involved in the attempted home invasion, they say he could have been shot as well.

Investigators searched the Carls Lane home around 1 p.m. Wednesday and cleared the scene around 2 p.m.

It's not clear whether Naleway will face charges in the case. Police say it's up to the Knox County District Attorney.

A check of Naleway's criminal history shows that he has no convictions or charges in Knox County.

If you have any information that could help identify either man please call the KPD Tip Line at (865) 215-7212.

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