Governor Bredesen is Sworn In For His Second Term

Knoxville (WVLT) -- He wants Tennesseans to be tree climbers, not acorn sitters, when it comes to educating our children.

Volunteer TV was the only East Tennessee TV station to bring you up-close coverage, as governor

Phil Bredesen launched his second term. Now we will tell you why some fought the cold, to see it begin.

"I Phil Bredesen, do solemnly swear," the governor began his swearing in by saying. Later during a speech he said "Each voice that is singing, is the power of one."

No one reason makes at least 3-thousand Tennesseans Phil Bredesen's special guests this weekend.

"What was your connection?" WVLT reporter asked Vernice Payne at the inauguration.

"I don't know yet!," she replied.

Vernice Payne and Nancy Curry are part of the Memphis mink mafia.
" I'm in charge today," Payne said.

"There are four of us, but I'm sure Memphis is well represented because it's the best city in Tennessee," said Geraldine Patton.

Despite a pilgrimage that according to Patton took, "three hours, we drove the speed limit because we're senior citizens."

Despite having to sit on cold marble

"We weren't high enough ranked to sit in the seats," she continues. "You have to have tickets
For seats, and we got standing-room-only seats!"

Who does rank seats? Beyond the usual suspects, a number of veterans, behind East Tennessee's new nursing home.

Dale Brown, a Cocke County veteran said, "He would see to it, that it would make it a part of his first term, and he did that
Almost immediately."

John Mitchell, a Knox County Veteran said the high ranking was, "One of the greatest things Governor Bredesen did for the veterans, we came to honor that.

Some folks are on the clock, protecting and serving. But just as many, serve for free,

Denise Forsberg, a Murfreesboro Cub Scout Den Mother said, "We hope they're learning about government, and how the Governor gets sworn in, but mostly they're having a good time just looking the sights!

Some of those sights are for grown-up eyes only! Jo Dee Messina was leading the hob-nobbers and boot-scooters at the Wildhorse
Saloon. Another quieter and cooler crowd was at B.B. Kings, and not just to watch the Governors Tennessee Waltz!

Cherie White, who drove 6 hours from Ashland, Kentucky said, "we just thought it'd be a lot of fun, so we decided to come."
Sue Dowdy also made a 6 hour trip from Kentucky. She said, "At my age, you know, I'll probably have to waltz, but you know, i might be doing the twist if they put on a little chubby checker!"

Ok, back to the big picture. Governor. Bredesen said, "Education leads the way because it's the most important way government pulls its weight."

Think of it as the second edition of the the Governor's third way. A call to keep burying our differences, to bring East and West Tennessee together, for the kids.

Bredesen concluded his oath with, "so help me God, Congratulations." And the audience was all cheers.

"He has a second term, and I'm just so very grateful," Geraldine Patton said.

This second inaugural cost about a third less than the Governor's first, but still about a million dollars.

Private and corporate donations footed the bill.