Knoxville Airport Authority Policeman Fired Upon During Stop of Suspect

Knoxville (WVLT) - A Blount county man is in stable condition at U. T. Medical Center Sunday night after police say he was shot in the face in his apartment complex parking lot.

Around three o'clock Sunday morning, Maryville police say the suspect drove off after the shooting and later opened fire on an airport authority officer.

The officer fired back, sending the suspect to U.T. as well.

Investigators are looking for answers and some scared neighbors say they want out.

"We heard squealing tires and I woke to that and then I woke my husband up and we heard a bunch of arguing and people screaming call 911, call 911," said Jessica Loy, a mother of two whose bedroom window was just over where the shooting occurred.

"I checked on him first and I told my husband, I said, run and check on Kayla. I said, make sure she's ok."

Fortunately little Jordan and Makali are all right, but Loy says she's not taking any chances and they're moving out.

"You don't know whether somebody's going to come in here and hurt your kids or somebody's going to shoot you through the window.

So it's just real scary," she said.

It was also a scary scene for police.

The 36-year old hispanic male suspect drove off in his Toyota pickup truck after police say he shot 22-year old Chris Ross in the face.

"Just minutes later, that vehicle was stopped with a traffic stop involving the airport police on Alcoa Highway," said Tony Frost.

The Blount County Sheriff's Department says the suspect then got out and fired several rounds at the Airport Authority vehicle.

The officer returned fire and struck the suspect twice in the upper torso, but the suspect got back in his pickup and headed to Wrights Ferry road, where authorities say he opened his door, fell out of his truck and was taken into custody.

Police say why the suspect shot Ross in the face is a question that still remains to be answered.

"The victim and the perpetrator had a conversation via telephone earlier in the day," Frost said. "We don't really think they were aquatinted with each other."

In the meantime according to Jessica Loy she is done with her complex. "Oh, I'm ready to get outta here. I'm ready to move," she said.

The airport authority officer was not injured. Maryville police are working with both the Alcoa Police department and the Blount County sheriff's department to find an exact motive behind all this.

Authorities will not yet release the suspect's name until he's formally charged, which they say should happen within the next few days.