Sevier Co. woman's death now probed as homicide, not car accident

Shannon Hercutt
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SEVIER COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- What started as a car accident in Sevier County is now being investigated as a homicide.

Shannon Hercutt died August 3rd.

Ted Hercutt says from the get go, he knew something was suspicious about his daughter's death.

Shannon had everything going for her, a successful business, brains, and the looks to match.

"Very active in the community. She liked giving to children. She gave to her church," says Ted Hercutt of his daughter Shannon.

40 year old Shannon Hercutt died when her SUV went over a hill August 3rd, or that's it looked to be in the beginning. Her dad won't forget the call he got while vacationing in South Carolina.

"Shannon was killed in a car accident," says Hercutt.

Things Ted was told such as Shannon not wearing a seat belt and the windows of her Escalade being down for a girl who always cared about how she looked didn't add up.

"We started coming home. We was convinced something happened to Shannon. It wasn't no car accident," says Hercutt.

But when family members went to her home to get clothes for her funeral, that's when Ted says his other daughter said she found a broken liquor bottle, a baseball bat, and blood on the refrigerator.

"I was positive, you know, it was a murder case. She got murdered in her own home," says Hercutt.

After pushing for an autopsy, Ted got his wish and sheriff's investigators then said it was a homicide.

So who would want to kill Shannon?

Ted has some ideas.

"There's two people. We really think it may end up being a business lovers quarrel," says Hercutt.

While Ted says some in the community think he had something to do with it, he says he's focused on finding Shannon's killer.

"I would say I hope they live a miserable life and I hope they're executed for it," says Hercutt.

Speaking today with District Attorney General Jimmy Dunn, he says they do not yet have any suspects.

But, evidence has been collected for Shannon's home, car, and the scene where the wreck occurred and has been sent to the TBI.

Was there a struggle at Shannon's home and was it blood found there?

Dunn says it is possible but they're waiting on the TBI's findings.

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