Volunteers Help Mobile Meals Get Food Delivered

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Thanks to volunteers with four wheel drive vehicles, Mobile Meals was able to deliver all their lunches Thursday.

Out of their 62 routes, 16 had to be picked up by other volunteers, either because roads were too bad or because volunteers couldn't make it to deliver for one reason or another.

Kristen Womack and her dad heard Mobile Meals needed volunteers and since they had four wheel drive and the day off, they stepped forward to help.

"My dad was off for snow, of course no Knox County Schools and we thought, what a better way to spend the day together, helping other people," says volunteer Kristen Womack.

Anytime there is bad weather, Mobile Meals will likely need volunteers to pick up routes regular volunteers can't make it out on.

If you want to volunteer on these days, please call Mobile Meals first thing in the morning at 865-524-2786.