Family Members of Injured Firefighters Speak

(WVLT)- Three Knoxville Firefighters made miraculous escapes on Wednesday.

All were on the third story, when they had to walk through a wall of fire.

Family members of the courageous firefighters are giving thanks that their loved ones are still alive to tell their story.

Flames erupted again at about 7 a.m after firefighters finally got the McClung Warehouse fire contained.

The flames raged out of control.

The Lee brothers, Joe and Jeff, were trapped with fellow firefighter Jeff Kindrick in the McClung warehouse facing grave danger.

"The fire got to all them gases, it just ignited like a bomb, it just went off, kind of lighting a torch or something," said Sonny Lee. "It was just boom and it was on."

The boy's father Sonny Lee, a retired firefighter and well known champion fisherman, says a flashover threatened his son's lives.

The floor caved in.

An officer frantically called to get the men out of the burning building.

Two climbed down a fire hose, and one jumped to safety.

The Lee brothers were burned, but alive.

"Knowing the fact that they'd been in that inferno like that, and the Lord Jesus Christ had brought them out," their father said.

Meantime, a burning warehouse wall collapsed on Knoxville Fire Truck Ladder 3.

Falling bricks narrowly missed firefighters on the truck.

"When I saw it, the first thing I did was gasp, threw my hands up over my face, and then I turned the TV off, and I started to cry," Megan Collins said.

Collins' 29-year old husband Clay was not seriously hurt escaping the avalanche of bricks.

The Lee brothers were burned on their faces, necks, backs, and hands.

"I've been a thanking Him all day long, and I'll thank him from now on," said Sonny Lee.

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