Delays at McGhee Tyson Airport

Blount County (WVLT) - Severe weather throughout the nation has caused hundreds of delays at our airports.

Blizzard-like conditions to our north and rain and tornadoes to the south have caused some problems here at home. At McGhee Tyson, they've had more than 120 flights delayed or canceled in the past three days.

However, airport officials say they're happy how airlines have been working with passengers, so they aren't stranded at the airport.

"Before the storms were moving in, they had gotten warnings that it was going to be a bad storm. Airlines started taking the initiative and re-booking people on flights so they weren't coming to the airport before it even snowed. So, it eliminated lots of people having to be at our airport unnecessarily," Becky Huckaby from McGhee Tyson Airport said.

Also at the airport, low-cost, non-stop carrier Allegiant Air made it's first flight to Las Vegas. Friday morning at seven, the airline sends it's inaugural flight to Orlando.

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