Congressman Duncan, Military Families Talk About Iraq Vote

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Knoxville (WVLT) - After four days of debate, the U.S. House has approved a resolution opposing the president's request for more troops in Iraq.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel spoke with Congressman Jimmy Duncan, who flew into Knoxville late Friday night.

Congressman Duncan says for 19 years, he's voted as a loyal Republican, but when the topic of this war comes to the floor he just can't support it. He voted in favor of the resolution and says we shouldn't send any more troops to Iraq.

We also spoke with one family who has two sons fighting overseas. The Brittons say there's no doubt the war is not going well, but say the U.S. should stay it's course -- using constancy and confidence as weapons.

"This is a time for us to think about war not from a Democratic perspective or a Republican perspective or any other, but as Americans. We need to put our shoulders together," Barry Britton said.

But Friday, the U.S. House was divided, 182 voting for the war, 246 against, they passed a non-binding resolution opposing the war in Iraq.

"The war was a tragic mistake to start with. Over four years later, having been there longer than World War II, I think it's time to start bringing our young people home," Congressman Jimmy Duncan said.

But families like the Brittons, who have loved ones overseas, say they see it differently.

"I was disappointed most of all because I know it will have a negative effect on the morale of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan," Britton said.

His two sons, Barry Junior and David are fighting in the war, and Britton says he hopes Congress won't put any limitations on logistics.

"We need a Congress that's going to provide logistics for our troops so they'll have what they need when they need it to get the job done in the face of a very determined enemy," Britton said.

Duncan says that isn't the message they want to send.

"Oh no, our troops are the best paid, best trained, best equipped military in the entire world by far, and they've got the best and they should have the best," Duncan said.

Britton says while no war is meant to be easy. It's our duty as a country to follow through.

"We have to stay the course, we have to be steady, we have to have confidence in what we're doing and support the troops," Britton said.

Next month, lawmakers are set to start debating how much money will be spent. Right now, $100 billion for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is on the table.

Also, Congressman Duncan says his office has been getting obscene phone calls recently. He suspects it might be fueled by Rush Limbaugh mentioning him on his radio show.

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