Potty Monkey

Knoxville (WVLT) - A Knoxville doctor is changing lives all over the world.

He's a pediatric urologist turning heads with an invention giving children "peeeece of mind".

"I'm glad you brought me to the potty, I really need to go."

Bathroom talk is money in the bank for Pediatric Urologist Preston Smith.

He's invented what kids would call a toy, but for parents, a teaching tool in toilet training. It's called the "potty monkey".

"This is how the system works, what we recommend is the parents first read this book," Dr. Smith. "What they do is introduce the story of Potty Monkey to their child with the book. Potty Monkey actually comes with his diaper on like the story you throw the diaper away, you put on his big monkey underwear, just like the story, you introduce the child to a toilet just like what they have at home, and how it has a real flushy sound and that alone."

"And then what you do is show them Potty Monkey can talk every time he's placed on the potty," Dr. Smith continues.

Dr. Smith began pottymd.com as a helpful website for parents, that evolved into books, now toys and other helpful devices.

"The Tinkle Timer is nothing more than a timer that lasts 2 to 3 minutes. And we like this one, we picked, we researched quite a few times out there, we'll be manufacturing our own timer very similar to this," says Dr. Smith.

Also devices to help stop bed wetting, "that'll wake the neighbors, that uses a speaker similar to one in a fire detector," Smith explains.

As a urologist, he's heard the jokes.

"Tea, the Potty Doctor, all kinds of things, yea, and even Potty Monkey. I'm sure is going to be a gag gift for some people."

But for now, they are helpful tools to build self-esteem and confidence in people of all ages.

You'll find the devices at educational and some toy stores in the area.

You can find them all on Dr. Smith's website, pottymd.com.

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