Postal Commission Suggests Two Cent Hikes For Letters, Post Cards

Washington (AP) -- More and more of us use e-mail and pay bills online, but those who are still sending things the old-fashioned way will apparently pay more.

A two-cent hike in the cost of a first-class stamp and a post card stamp is the recommendation of an independent commission. That would bring the cost to 41 cents for letters and 26 cents for post cards. Both increases are a penny less than what the Postal Service wants.

But there may be a chance to hedge against future hikes. The panel is backing the idea of a stamp that would always be valid for first-class postage, regardless of any increases down the road. Such a stamp wouldn't have a denomination printed on it.

The Postal Service must now decide whether to accept the commission's recommendation, or ask that it reconsider. If accepted, the rate could go up in 60 days.

The Post Office says it needs more money because of things like rising gas prices.

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