FBI Hunts for Bicycle Bank Robber

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Knoxville (WVLT) - The FBI needs your help finding a man suspected in several bank robberies across the southeast, using a mountain bike for his getaway.

He's hit seven banks in four different states. On Tuesday morning the FBI found out the bicycle bank robber is wanted for a robbery in Cookeville last week.

Authorities say he has also stolen from banks in Knoxville, Kentucky, Ohio, and North Carolina since November.

"I'm not sure I've dealt before with one that's actually made a getaway on a bicycle," Special Agent Gary Kidder says.

That's exactly what the FBI says this guy is doing. A white man in his mid-fifties, between five foot eleven and six foot one, weighing about 180 pounds.

"Knoxville has been the victim of a serial bank robber. This is a white male who enters the bank with a demand note and in the demand note, he claims to have a firearm," says Kidder.

The FBI says he started at a bank in Columbus, Ohio November 21st. Then hit up one just outside of Cincinnati, December 1st. After that, a bank in Charlotte, North Carolina on January 11th. Eight days later he went to Knoxville's First National Bank, and just four days after that it was Louisville, Kentucky. February 15th he robbed one in Huntersville, North Carolina. And just last week, he targeted the First Tennessee in Cookeville.

"It does raise our concern level that the time frame escalation is going on," says Kidder.

Special Agent Gary Kidder says the suspect has been spotted on a silver or grey mountain bike for three of the seven robberies, and he's using more than one bike.

"On two occasions, the bicycles were recovered later and had been spray-painted black," Kidder says.

Federal, local and state law enforcement in four different states are out in full force looking for this guy.

"Everyone has photos from all the other banks. There have also been communications sent out to financial security associations," Special Agent Kidder says.

And the FBI is warning everyone that he could be very dangerous. "Someone who's willing to do this type of face to face robbery, we consider a threat."

The FBI says the man has a blue bag that he hands to the teller and says, "verify this deposit". The teller then unzips the bag and finds a note inside.

If you have any information about this man, you're asked to call the Knoxville Division of the FBI at 865-544-0751. Remember, do not approach him, if you see him, but call 911.

The FBI says he has gotten away with thousands of dollars, on a bike.

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