Second Debuty Benefit Concert

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Maryville (WVLT) -- The word "family" has a much broader meaning for many of us after the fire about a month ago in Blount County. From firefighters to thrash metal musicians, the question has been how can I help? That question was answer again tonight on the campus of Maryville College. The answer of course is "by giving of yourself", and whether a Bluegrass family affair or even Gospel quartet, the music in the Wilson Chapel Saturday night goes straight to your heart. Hoping to open hearts and wallets.

"Money won't bring em back," says Gospel performer Tommy Russell, "but it'll help them get on with their lives."

A month ago fire took most all Ross and Amanda Debuty owned and a little more. Four of the five Debuty children, Mandy Mason, Jerry, Sinjin Smith, and Shelby never made it to safety when their house burnt down.

"For a family that loses five children, it's really hard-," according to Joseph Gregory who performed at the show. "If my mama, if it happened to her,
it'd be really hard.

Joseph, and the Gregory's hope the songs, speak for them:

"I just hope they get a blessing out of it, you know."

Amanda Debuty absolutely knows.

"It makes one feel better all the time when you listen to it," says the mother of the fire's four victims. "I was excited to be able to come out tonight and listen."

They came to help, and Mrs. Debuty came to let them know her gratitude is beyond words.

"There are wonderful people everywhere but there is something special about the South. The South has that down home, come on in be a part of your family everywhere that you need."

Several of the musicians had ties to Maryville College including a Debuty relative who works as a housekeeper on campus.

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