Fire Destroys Jasper Jones Auto in Dandridge

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Dandridge (WVLT) -- An early Sunday morning fire destroyed Jasper Jones Auto Parts on West 25/70 Hwy in Jefferson County.

According to the Dandridge Fire Department, they received the call just minutes after midnight and when they arrived on the scene more than 30 percent of the building was engulfed in flames.

For nearly seven hours, fire crews from Dandridge, New Market and White Pine battled the flames. Since the closest fire hydrant was a half mile away, firefighters had to a special vehicle device known as a "Shuttle Tanker". The Shuttle Tanker is essentially a giant inflatable swimming pool that fire trucks dump water into so they can always keep a reservoir to fight a fire.

When all was said and done the crews had sprayed 48,000 gallons of water.

The Dandridge Fire Department said the fire most likely started in an area of the store where car seats and panels are kept.
A State Fire Marshall will be on scene Monday morning to begin an investigation.

The Jasper Jones store has stood in Dandridge for several decades. It was bought by the store's current owners 3 years ago.

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