Governor's Academy to Open in Knoxville

Knoxville (WVLT) - A different kind of learning experience is coming to Knoxville.

The Tennessee Governor's Academy for Math and Science will open this fall with its first class of 24 high school juniors.

TGA is part of a specifically developed academic program with access to the University of Tennessee's resources and a unique living and learning experience.

But it won't be a "typical" day for students, they'll learn Chinese and practice martial arts, as well as learning to cook and decorate.

"We're looking, not necessarily for the highest GPA, we're looking for the students that'll most benefit from this kind of experience," says Dr. Vena Long, Executive Director of TGA.

There is no tuition to attend TGA, students will receive room and board, as well as educational supplies and the use of a laptop.

For more information, or how you can apply to the tennessee governor's academy, visit the schools website,

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