Knox School Board Discusses Interim Superintendent

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Knoxville (WVLT) - It's a job many parents may consider the mots important in any county: The superintendent. And as the Knox County School Board begins the process of hiring a new one, they have some criteria in mind.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel joins us with a look at what board members have in mind.

On Wednesday, the board will take the first step: Hiring an interim. There are two choices: Roy Mullins and Emerson Hall. However, when you look at the big picture, there's still a lot to be done and hiring a new superintendent to lead the entire school system is a difficult task.

The Knox County School Board: they make leadership decisions everyday that effect your child's education. Now, they are faced with a tough task -- choosing a new leader for themselves.

"We have more than 52,000 students in our schools and that's lot of parents and a lot of kids that we have to look out for. So I think it's a huge thing who we chose for our superintendent and have to do so carefully," Knox County Education Association president Kim Waller said.

So as the school board begins the long process, they are keeping a few things in mind.

"I want someone who is gonna be a really ardent supporter of public schools, not just within the school system, but also with county commission, our entire community," school board member Indya Kincannon said.

Some want the superintendent to have an open-door policy.

"I want a system where you can look the superintendent in the eye and tell him what you think is best for children and even if he disagrees, he won't hold a grudge," school board member Robert Bratton said.

Challenges include a changing curriculum, communication and costs.

"To educate children right, you have to have people, and that's a money issue," Bratton said.

"I think we have a real challenge in Knox County with recruiting and retaining teachers," Waller said.

And while the new superintendent will face challenges, so will the board as they choose one.

"The challenge will be finding, identifying people who want the job who are willing to do the job, who also have political, administrative skills to do an effective job," Kincannon said.

Again, the board will choose an interim at their Wednesday meeting, but the process of choosing a new superintendent is far from over.

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