Evidence of Other Bombs in Sweetwater

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Sweetwater, Monroe County (WVLT) - More than a day after police discover and destroy improvised explosive devices, police now say there is evidence there were more.

Police had detonated two IED's when they discovered damaged cars and a place under a car where it looked as if a bomb had gone off before.

Sweetwater Police arrived at the impound lot ready to do an inventory Monday when they found something they did not expect.

"Two explosive devices were underneath a pickup truck that was sitting at the gate," says Sweetwater Police Chief Eddie Byrum.

An evacuation of the area was made.

"I freaked out. Me and my sister freaked out got the babies dressed and left," says Sarah Moats, who lives near the lot.

"Cars they got all drug deals seized and stuff it didn't surprise me. I mean I didn't expect it but it didn't surprise me either," says Gary Hamilton, who lives near by.

The Knox County Bomb Squad was called in and the two devices detonated. But late in the night, another discovery was made.

"We have had some type of IED explosion at our impound lot possibly last week time period," Chief Byrum announces.

Authorities have spent the day marking locations where a previous IED had exploded, cutting through the fence, shrapnel even breaking the glass of the Teacher's Center.

"We did notice the window the other day, but had not thought a whole lot about it at the time," says David Hickey, Sweetwater Schools Superintendent.

It's not an event some neighbors are starting to put two and two together on from sounds they heard last Wednesday.

"It just sounded like a gunshot went off and we didn't think nothing about it. Well she started screaming and ran in the house then two seconds later another one went off," says Marie Capp.

"In the room right here on the end i just heard a boom and it just sorta shook the ground. You could just feel it. Than just several minutes later there was another one," Hamilton says.

Chief Eddie Byrum believes this is an isolated event. He says it appears the attempt was only to destroy property and not personal injury.

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