Police Search for Caryville Meth Lab Suspect

Caryville (WVLT) - Caryville Police are looking for a suspect in a meth lab case...who may be tied to a sexual assault last week in Cove Lake.

Police say they found the remnants of a meth lab on a secluded creek bank near Asbury Park, which is adjacent to Cove Lake.

While they were cleaning it up, they say they spotted a white man with a medium build wearing dark clothes and a hoodie over his head nearby.

Police say he fled when he saw police.

Last week, we told you about the sexual assault at Cove Lake State Park.

A woman walking alone at the park says a man jumped out from behind the tree and assaulted her.

He's described as a white man wearing a hood and sunglasses. Authorities say they're not ruling out the possibility the person they're looking for in connection with the meth lab could be related to the sexual assault.

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