Sister of Woman Murdered 10 Years Ago Speaks Out

Campbell County (WVLT) - Monday night, we told you Campbell County Sheriff's Deputies identified the body of a woman found on the side of Interstate 75 ten years ago.

Authorities say the person is Ada Elena Torres Smith from El Paso, Texas. Now, Campbell County detectives are working to find Smith's killer.

Ada's sister, Blanca Solis, says Smith left her current husband to travel to South Carolina with her ex-husband, Brett Bush. Solis says when she called Smith in South Carolina, Bush told her Smith had left.

"I do believe that he had something to do with it, and one of the things is that you can be angry with your spouse, but one way or the other, you're going to end up talking to them. There's just no way I believe he didn't have any contact with her, being that he was the last person that saw her, he knows something," Solis said.

Campbell County Sheriff Gary Perkins says he assigned a detective to every Campbell County cold case when he took office. The identification of smith's body is a result of those efforts.

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