Hardin Valley Noise

Knoxville (WVLT) - The new Hardin Valley High School is still months from completion, and that's not the news some members of this community want to hear.

It's a race to the finish line for the construction crew PBA -- to complete the new Hardin Valley High School.

"It's a big school! It's 25-thousand square feet... 50-million dollar project," Jeff Galyon says.

The project manager for this undertaking, Jeff Galyon, says the doors need to open to students by Fall 2008.

"We have a lot of equipment we have a lot of people on site, a lot of work going on, trucks and things like that," Gaylon continues.

From cost and structure to size and attendance, controversy has surrounded Hardin Valley High School from day one...now the complaints are coming from another direction.

"The people in the community we're not for the high school to be here," Bill Nichols says.

Bill Nichols has lived in this neighborhood for eight years... he moved here for one thing:

"The peace and the quiet, okay!?!"

But Bill and his neighbors say they're getting the opposite...

"Yesterday they started working at 4 o'clock," he says.

"It's really interrupting, having air horns being blown... and people yelling... and trucks with mud," Nichols continues.

But builders say they're doing what they can to get it done faster... and cheaper.

"It's cost effecting measures, too. When we do these large pours, it saves money. We get more work done which means we can get our project finished sooner and that saves taxpayer dollars," Galyon says.

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