Runways Dark at Lexington's Bluegrass Airport

(WVLT) - A problem that left all the runway lights out at Lexington's Bluegrass airport is fixed this morning.

An airport spokesperson says a regulator went out last night at about 8:30 Sunday night, leaving the runway's completely dark.

Flights could not land and were diverted until about 11:00pm, when crews were able to fix the problem.

Passenger say it was an inconvenience, but they were happy that their safety was put first.

"I'm from Frankfort and obviously the Comair crash is very real to all of us in this state as a matter of fact and when we heard the runway lights were out were were glad they sent us back," said airline passenger Laure Owens.

The airport spokesman says it is rare for a regulator to go out but they aren't revealing what may have caused the problem.

A Comair flight that tried to take off from the wrong runway that was also not lit up crashed last year at the airport, killing 49 people.

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