5 Years After Tornado, Community Still Impacted by Storm

Mossy Grove, Morgan County (WVLT) - One year after a tornado strikes a West Tennessee town, that community is still without warning sirens.

It's a very real concern for folks in Bradford. And it's a concern that you have to deal with in many towns in East Tennessee.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb went to Mossy Grove in Morgan County, a community descimated by tornadoes in November of 2002. It's an incident folks will never get over.

You can still see the clear area caused when the tornado touched down. Officials here say the have done some things to get citizens better prepared, but some residents have taken personal safety into their own hands.

November 10, 2002 was a night of horror for many people in Mossy Grove.

The next day reality hits, as people were able to see the devistation.

"I said, 'Hon, you could say we lived through a tornado,'" says Ray Langley.

Nearly five years later, much of the area has rebuilt, but it was a night they don't forget.

"When it's storming, yeah, especially when it's coming a storm," says Linda Hester. "Yeah, I do think about it."

Emergency management officials say warning sirens proved to be too costly with the mountain terrain. So they've trained weather spotters.

"Departments in the county and there are predesignated shelters in each district," explains Jody Zorsch, from the Morgan County Emergency Management Agency.

Ray and Linda Langley didn't wait. They have their own shelter.

"There's been twice that we've used it since then, when it come a real hard storm," says Shirley Langley. "And I was here by myself one time."

While EMA Officials say more can be done, some residents say they are now better prepared.

"You don't take weather for granted once you go through a tornado, that's for sure," says Linda.

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