Oak Ridge Lab's "Jaguar" Purrs At 119 Teraflops

Oak Ridge, Anderson County (AP) -- Oak Ridge National Laboratory's upgraded "Jaguar" supercomputer has passed a 72-hour performance test establishing a new peak processing capability.

It can perform 119 trillion calculations per second. Each trillion is called one 'Teraflop.'

Lab Scientific Computing Chief Thomas Zacharia told the Knoxville News Sentinel the Jaguar is the fastest "open science" computer in the world.

Zacharia said the tests included real-life applications, including computer codes associated with advanced simulation of materials at the atomic scale. At most, the tests required only 68 percent of the machine's peak capability.

The Oak Ridge Lab expects to have an even more advance computer within the next two years, one that will perform more than one-thousand trillion calculations per second.

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