Community Reacts to Bartley Plea Deal

Campbell County (WVLT) - Some say the sentence isn't harsh enough...others say they hate to see such a young person's life ruined.

Everyone agrees, though, on one thing: They say they hope Kenny Bartley Junior will use his time behind bars to reflect on how he's effected the Campbell County community.

"Justice is justice... and he did take a life," Juantia Baird says.

News is spreading fast through this small Campbell County community: Kenny Bartley Junior pleads guilty to first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder -- his punishment: jail time.

"No it's really not enough, but at least he got something," Shirena Sherrill says.

Forty-five years -- without a chance for parole until 29 have been served -- that puts Bartley at age 44.

"Justice has been served, but it's sad... I think it's really sad for young kids to be put away for that many years. They've thrown their whole life away," Sherrill says.

Most thought the trial would drag on for weeks...

"I expected that, a few days anyway...he took a life... I guess he has to be punished for it," Lonnie says.

And as Kenny serves his time... life will go on in Campbell County.

It's business as usual... but the town talks... and each holds their own opinion.

"Some say it wasn't completely his fault and some say well he's a danger to society and he should be taken out of society," Baird continues.

This society is on the mend... hurting and healing.

"The 25 years or the 45 years... the 25 years that he serves, my prayers will be with him and his family and the other family too," Phillips says.

Several folks we talked to say it's hard to give an unbiased opinion since they saw the community hurting so badly after the shooting on November 8, 2005.

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