Testimony Continues in Winkler Trial

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Selmer, McNairy County (WVLT) - Jurors in the Mary Winkler case are now hearing from investigators in her first degree murder trial in the killing of her pastor husband in West Tennessee.

Prosecutors play the audio tape of Mary Winkler to investigators the night she was apprehended in Orange Beach, Alabama.

She confirms she shot her husband but doesn't say why.

All morning and throughout the afternoon former Alabama Bureau of Investigation officer Stan Stabler was on the stand. Jurors heard an audio tape made with Mary Winkler as he interviews her about the shooting. Winkler expresses concern about the publicity and her dead husband.

Winkler: "No matter what in the end, I don't want it, um I don't want him smeared."

Stabler asks Winkler about how the shooting happened.

Stabler: "Had you planned ahead of time to shoot him or did it happen, just spur of the moment?"
Winkler: "Not planned."

Stabler also questioned Winkler about her relationship with her husband Matthew. She says good, but declines details.

Winkler: "Just not right now."
Stabler: "Seems like a blur, I'm sure. Has he ever hurt you?"
Winkler: "Not physically."

The murder weapon was revealed. A 12 gage shotgun. The defense has maintained the shooting was accidental.

"But you don't carry it like this?" Stabler is asked on the stand.

"I don't no sir."

"Why is that?"

"Safety reasons."

The defense attorneys questioned what evidence Stabler had the shooting was intentional.

"Did you ever ask her if she intentionally pulled the trigger?"

"No sir,"

"Did you ever ask her if she ever accidentally shot her husband?"

"No sir."

After more than six hours on the stand Stabler was excused and replaced with a TBI agent.

This sequestered jury will come back Saturday morning for day 3 of testimony.

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