National Coverage For La Rosa Cause

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Maryville (WVLT) -- Javier and Marian La Rosa's cause has received donations from around the country, and on Saturday evening their quest to buy body armor for their son's marine unit got some national attention.

Public Broadcasting plans to feature the La Rosa's story in an upcoming broadcast of the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer.

On Saturday Paul Solman, the Economics Corespondent for the NewsHour, met up with Javier and Marian while they were fund raising at Maryville's Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson.

Solman explained to us the reason why the national news program wants to cover the La Rosa's quest.

"We are doing a story on the cost of the Iraq War," Solman said, "and some people have said the cost is being borne disproportionately to other wars by the people who are actually fighting it and by the families of those people."

Solman said the decision on when PBS will air the story has not yet been made.

Once we know when it will air, we will tell you right on Volunteer TV News and right here at .

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