Loudon County Parents Relieved To Hear From Tech Daughter

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Virginia Tech student Samantha Davis's parents, Randy and Rita Davis were both working in Loudon County yesterday when they received the phone call that every parent dreads, a shooting massacre on their child's campus.

"She said, Mom, there's been a shooting in West A.J., and I said, Sam, that's where you lived last year."

Samantha's mother, Rita says her heart just sank with the news.

"I said, well just stay where you are. Don't try to go anywhere. She said, well I'm sure we won't be able to."

Rita tried to stay calm and was reassured by the sound of her daughter's voice.

"The biggest fear was that they would come in her building where she was."

Samantha's father, Randy, was working on the farm at the time of the shooting.

"Rita called me and said, before you hear this on the radio, I want to tell you what's happening."

Randy says so many questions ran through his head at once....

"When you have a child, whether they're driving a car or anything, to hear something like that, the first thing you want to know is, is my child all right?"

Randy and Rita say they practically ran their daughter's cell phone battery out and throughout the day they relied on the television and radio for updates.

"The radio played when the shots were being fired in the classroom," Rita said, "and that just really made it come home. I just, that really made it real."

"Just knowing she was all right sort of put us at ease," Randy said, "but it didn't take away the pain we all feel."

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