UT Counselors Not Seeing Surge in Students

Knoxville (WVLT) - For college students everywhere, watching the events at Virginia Tech unfold may bring overwhelming feelings of tragedy.

Counselors we spoke to say oftentimes, students will seek out friends and family instead of seeking a counselor.

During a tragic national event, counselors tell us they don't see much of a surge in students seeking counseling.

However, they do tell us sometimes some students will begin to feel overwhelmed several weeks after an event.

"It's usually three to four weeks after an event. That's what we saw in both 9/11 and Katrina is there's really a lag in usage. The fact is, we have less students seeking services during and event like this and then post the event by several weeks, students start being overwhelmed at that point," Counseling Center Director Victor Barr said.

If you're a UT student, and you feel you need to seek counseling, the Student Counseling Center is open from eight to five. Walk ins are accepted between 10 and 11:30, then one to 3:30.

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