Possible Rezoning in East Knox County

Knoxville (WVLT) - Knox County school rezoning...you say the words and parent's ears perk up. It's an issue staring parents in the face, and several of them are not happy about the proposal that re-zones 3,400 of the county's 16,000 high-schoolers.

"It just does not make any sense," David Rogers says.

The new boundaries for Knox County Schools re-zoning are raising concern... and questions across the county... from those with kids in the school system and those without...

"Our kids are all grown and long gone... but I'm concerned about all these other youngsters who are gonna go to what I think is an under-performing school," Fran Marshall says.

Under the new proposal, kids living on the East side of Chilhowee Road will remain at Carter... students on the West side will go to Austin-East. It's a move most don't want to make...

"As parents, all of us, we deserve, we have a voice to be heard... we wanna know why," Rogers continues.

Parents of high school students aren't the only ones complaining... parents in Holston Hills with young children say their kids will start at Sunnyview Primary, move to Chilhowee Intermediate, then Carter Middle... and then back downtown to Austin-East High School.

"It doesn't seem right to split Holston Hills in two pieces... it is a community as such," Marshall says.

At Tuesday's meeting... a group from Powell attended to show support.

"That's what we need to try to turn it into -- not just the dividing lines -- we need to reach out with open arms across the boundaries," Rogers says.

Parents hope by uniting with one voice, they will be heard.

"I think the main issue is that the neighborhood wants to have an input in the re-zoning," Sharon Davis says.

The board will discuss the proposal at their work session April 30th and will vote May 2nd.

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