In The Middle of the Massacre, VA Tech Gunman Sent A Video Manifesto And Photos To NBC

Blacksburg, VA (AP) -- A final tirade.

That's the focus of video and other materials mailed by the Virginia Tech gunman to NBC headquarters in New York.

The package was apparently sent between his first and second shootings.

NBC has aired a portion of the material. Cho Seung-Hui said in one excerpt aired on NBC Nightly News that "you had a hundred billion chances and ways to avoid today."

The material also had photos of him brandishing guns.

NBC said the package was received in this morning's mail and contained an 1,800 word diatribe and 29 photos. Eleven of them showed him aiming handguns at the camera. It says much of what he says was incoherent and laced with profanity. He also railed against hedonism and Christianity.

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