7th Annual Adam Downen Race For Responsibility

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- This weekend Tyson Park became a place to remember and learn.

It was seven years ago that Adam Downen was killed in a drunken driver's wreck on Northshore Drive in Knoxville.

Today, dozens turned out for the Seventh Annual Adam Downen Race for Responsibility.

The goal of the race is to teach teenagers how to stay safe and be responsible, especially as prom season and graduation draw near.

According to Wendy Downen, Adams mother, we are not there yet.

"The kids we need to reach, we still haven't reached yet," She said, "and the parents we need to reach still haven't attended the race yet."

Runners donated between $15 and $25 to run the race, with all proceeds going toward educating teens in the community about the dangers of underage drinking and driving.

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