Firefighters Distribute Smoke Detectors After Four-Fatality Fire

Maryville, Blount County (AP) - Firefighters in Blount County say they've installed 807 smoke detectors since a February fire that killed four children.

A two-story home in Friendsville caught fire on February sixth, killing four of Ross and Amanda Debuty's children. The victims ranged in age from seven to 14 years.

The parents and a three-year-old boy were asleep on the ground floor and were able to escape the flames.

County Fire Chief Doug McClanahan says his firefighters have installed 678 smoke alarms and the department has passed along 129 other families to departments which cover the fire districts they live in.

McClanahan says in all of 2006, his department installed only 50 smoke detectors.

The department also put new batteries in 76 other smoke detectors that were already installed.

The department installs the devices at no charge.

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