Karns and Powell Hold Rezoning Forum

(WVLT) - Questions about school rezoning in Knox County continue as parents seek answers from their school board members.

"The only way this is gonna work is with a positive attitude," Sylvia Angel says.

A different reaction tonight to Knox County's proposed rezoning:

"I'm gonna be going to a new school. I'm gonna be able to meet people from a new school, which gives me a great opportunity to meet people," An Eighth Grade Student says.

The positive trumped the negative at Karns High School.

"I think the main concern tonight was about the quality of the new school," Cindy Buttry says.

Hardin Valley Principal, Mrs. Reynolds, spoke to the crowd about her vision for the new school... but the vision for Karn's future is still unclear... especially with 963 Karns kids being rezoned.

"That's a lot of kids coming out of the school. It's about 53-percent of the population of this school," Buttry says.

...raising concern for some parents about "the number game".

"But when I look at the Farragut numbers, it's only 27-percent of the population when obviously they have the same overcrowding issues we have," A Karns Parent says.

At Powell, parents are raising the same concerns, and some who've just moved to the area hate to move their kids for a third time.

"They're just getting to know residents and in our community and we're just starting to feel a part of it and now it's going to be ripped apart," Dawn and Tim Edgemon say.

But parents say a negative attitude from parents will reflect on their students.

"That child's gonna come to school into that class and that's going to be the attitude that student has," Bill Nichols says.

And parents say a positive attitude will work wonders...

"The parents aren't losing any rights or powers over their children no matter how many lines they draw," Angel says.

There will be one more meeting sponsored by the school board...that's Wednesday night at Fulton High School at 7 p.m.

Thursday, Knox County Parents are sponsoring a community-wide forum at the Knoxville Expo Center to formulate a plan to present to the board.

The meeting is from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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