Deputies Continue to Make Arrests as Meth Lab Investigation Continues

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LaFollette, Campbell County (WVLT) - What started out as a large meth lab bust and four arrests, has ended with several surprising twists and turns and eight people in jail.

Campbell County Sheriff's Department is calling this one of the largest meth busts they have ever made in the county.

Both inside and outside of the home they found remnants of at least 69 previous cooks and the capability of making pounds more of the dangerous drug.

When the sheriffs department brought us out to show us the scene, something unexpected happened, some customers arrived and more arrests were made

"They could have supplied Campbell County for a while," says Campbell County Deputy Brandon Elkins.

Sheriff's deputies had made their arrests when hours later their investigation took an interesting turn.

Deputies say they believe 30-year-old Greg Edbert Smith, was arriving to make a deal, while the owner of the truck, 19-year-old Kasey Graves waited at the top of the hill.

Both unaware officers were on the suspected meth makers' property.

While searching the truck, officers say they found drugs and drug paraphernalia.

In a flash, the handcuffed Smith attempted to escape.

Landing him 3 felony and 5 misdemeanor charges.

"Sometimes this drug can pump people up to where they think they can win," Deputy Elkins says.

In less than an hour, officers arrested two other passers-by on outstanding warrants.

"This is the life of a drug dealer, this is what goes on, goes through their mind. They don't care, they aren't worried about anything. They just want their fix," Deputy Elkins.

The renters of the home 37-year-old Sherry Carr and 38-year-old Jeffrey Carr, as well as 23-year-old Amber McCarty and 19-year-old James Jacobs, were all home with the Carrs' four children, who range from age 12 to 16, when the original bust took place late Monday evening.

All four are now charged with child endangerment and various drug charges.

Despite the fact the labs are gone and the alleged dealers behind bars, neighbors say it scares them to think what could have happened.

"It could have blew up, anything could have happened," says Jessico Justo, who lives next door.

But thanks to a message left on the drug tipline, it didn't.

Hopefully incentive to keep the calls coming, so more labs will be busted and one by one dealers off the streets.

The number the citizen called to report this lab is 423-566-DRUG.

You can call and leave an anonymous tip anytime.

The four children at the home were taken into DCS custody.

Several animals had to be taken to the local shelter and decontaminated.


The following four are being held in the Campbell County Jail without bond.

23-year-old Amber Elizabeth McCarty of LaFollette
4 counts -- Child Endangerment
1 count -- Promotion of Meth Manufacture

19-year-old James Jacobs of LaFollette
4 counts -- Child Endangerment
1 count -- Promotion of Meth Manufacture

37-year-old Sherry Carr of LaFollette
4 counts -- Child Endangerment
1 count -- Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance

38-year-old Jeffrey Lynn Carr of LaFollette
4 counts -- Child Endangerment
1 count – Manufacture and Selling of A Controlled Substance
1 count -- Promotion of Meth Manufacture


30-year-old Greg Edbert Smith of LaFollette
2 counts -- Assault on an Officer (Felony)
1 count -- Driving on a Revoked License
1 count -- Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
1 count -- Resisting Arrest
1 count -- Possession of a Controlled Substance
1 count -- Escape (Felony)
1 count -- Criminal impersonation

19-year-old Kasey Junior Graves of LaFollette
1 count -- Possession of drug paraphernalia
1 count -- Possession of Controlled Substance

47-year-old William Hamblin of Clearfield, TN

30-year-old Lonnie Bee Hatfield of Clearfield, TN
2 Counts -- Failure to Appear out of Claiborne County Court.

If you know of any activity in Campbell County the sheriff's department asks you to call their drug hotline, that number is 423-566-DRUG and leave a message anytime.

You do not have to leave your name or number but can do so if you wish.

Here is the basic information the sheriff's department needs to start an investigation.

  • The Address of the Drug Dealing
  • The Name of the Drug Dealer(S)
  • The Type of Drug Being Sold
  • The Times the Most Activity Is Occurring

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