Man Shot At Kent State Says Tape May Reveal Order To Fire On Protesters

National Guardsmen hold weapons on the Kent State University campus, May 4, 1970 (CBS)

Cleveland (AP) -- An audiotape could offer a chance at healing for many of those involved in the shootings at Kent State University 37 years ago.

Alan Canfora, wounded in the wrist in the confrontation, says a recording made when National Guard troops killed four students during an anti-war protest could resolve the mystery of whether a command to fire was issued.

He says that just before the 13-second volley of gunfire, a voice on the tape is heard yelling, "Right Here! Get Set! Point! Fire!" Canfora says he's convinced the command was issued by one of three guard officers.

Canfora wants the government to reopen the case and analyze the tape using new technology. He says he's not seeking revenge or punishment for the guardsmen. Instead, as he puts it, "all we want is the truth."

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