Man Who Allegedly Shot Dog With Arrows Arraigned

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Morristown, Hamblen County (WVLT) - The outpouring of support over a dog shot with three arrows has been phenomenal. Friday, a man has been charged with the crime.

You can really feel the relief at the animal shelter Friday. Archer's case has gathered national attention.

But, most shocking, .the man charged with hurting him, 43-year-old David Thomas, was the man who called officers to report Archer was injured.

"He should have some closure himself," says Hamblen County Animal Control Officer Richard Hart.

And now Archer may have got it.

Hamblen County Animal Control officers say 43-year-old David Thomas was charged with aggravated cruelty to an animal.

"Thomas signed a confession stating that he had shot Archer multiple times with arrows with the intent to kill him," says Hart.

Officers say Thomas surrendered his archery equipment, including this compound hunting bow authorities say Thomas admitted using to shoot Archer.

"Staff members made the comment that he wasn't remorseful at all about it," Hart says.

We tried to talk to Thomas, but he was not available.

"Lesson learned is call animal control if you have a stray problem," Hart says.

Dr. Richard Hewitt says Archer's surgery went extremely well and he's not only making a physical recovery, but an emotional one as well. "He's learned this little thing of running up and slides on his back for you to rub his stomach. That just shows you, he's good."

And soon Archer will be healthy enough to go to his new home.

The Morristown/Hamblen County Animal Shelter has received tons of emails and phone calls wanting to adopt him.

Some from as far away as San Diego and NYC.

"Animals give us joy, they give us companionship and something like this should never happen to an animal," Hart says.

If you want to make a donation for Archer's medical bills or would like to adopt Archer, you call the Hamblen/Morristown Animal Shelter at 423-581-1494 or you can go to 300 Dice Street.

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