Liquor Store Owners Look to Curb Underage Drinking

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Knoxville (WVLT) - The end of the school year is near and we know what that means. It's the time high schoolers get all dressed up and dance the night away at prom.

But it's what happens after the prom that has parents and police so worried.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel has more.

Thousands of high schoolers in East Tennessee have taken the Prom Promise, promising not to use drugs or alcohol this weekend at prom. And local liquor stores are doing their part by making sure your kids hold up their end of the bargain.

"The concern is always that we don't wanna sell to anyone under 21," said Graham Baker from Bob's Package Store.

Prom is upon us, and that means local liquor stores are buckling down to make sure high schoolers aren't trying to cash in on the hard stuff.

"Usually you can tell, they're pretty nervous or they don't really know, like they've seen the inside of the store before, so it's not hard to spot," said Tyler Dixon from Kampas Liquor.

"Prom Promise" or not, these guys are targeting underage buyers this prom weekend

"Try to be on your toes, sometimes they try to get other people to buy it for them," Dixon said.

But after being in the business for awhile, clerks say they know what to do: ask for ID.

"Every time. Regardless of the situation, even if we recognize the person," Baker said.

And they know what to look for.

"I'm looking for the picture to make sure they look like that person first of all... and of course, the date as well... and if it looks like it might be fake, I look at the back because some people make fake ID's and you can tell, usually," Dixon said.

And if you look suspicious.

"We'll ask for a second form of ID and if they don't have that we'll have to turn them away," Baker said.

Case closed. They say they're only trying to prevent a situation you don't want to find yourself in.

Police also say they will be looking for underage drinkers and drivers.

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