Property Taxes Going Up in Oak Ridge?

Oak Ridge (WVLT) - Tonight the Oak Ridge City Council makes some decisions that could mean higher taxes for property owners.

It would be the first tax increase in 5 years, with the money going to the city of Oak Ridge as well as it's school system if passed.

The city council is taking a look at a proposal that would cost taxpayers about 10 cents more for every 100 dollars their property is worth.

This plan also means the school board will have to cut about $140,000 from it's current budget. The Oak Ridge mayor says they are looking closely at the proposal.

"Additional funding for schools which we think is absolutely the right thing to do we're juggling a lot of these things to make sure our schools are performing at the excellent level that Oak Ridgers expect," mayor David Bradshaw said.

School leaders say they will have the 2nd reading of the proposal on May 21st.

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