Road Crews Ready for Other Sinkholes

(WVLT) - At this hour you can once again travel southbound on Pellissippi Parkway. Traffic has been running smoothly after TDOT crews filled and fixed a major sinkhole on Pellissippi Parkway.

"Sometimes sinkholes happen on the middle of a field, on the side of a road, but this one decided it wanted to open up in the middle of Pellissippi Parkway," Travis Brickey says.

Sixty feet long... 20 feet wide... 30 feet deep.

"I think since we have ditches on both sides with the traffic lanes that fill with water that will filtrate with water... this why they happen within our highway systems," Saieb Haddad says.

In fact East Tennessee's geology is conducive to sinkholes... those without an engineering degree can tell you that.

"First thing I thought was it might be one of the sinkholes areas, limestone cave areas in this area that's probably given way underneath and that's dropped out," David Stair says.

But 720 tons of rock and 40 yards of cement later... this hole is filled and fixed... But how can crews prevent a similar situation around major construction sites, like I-40?

"We don't really have a way of predicting where that might happen. We just have to sort of monitor the roadways like we do," Brickey says.

And you can help...

"If you've driven somewhere and you say, 'Oh, I didn't notice that before.' ...and there's a depression or a hole or something... it's best to give TDOT a call so we can go out and take a look at it," Brickey continues.

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